"It is a big surprise that 20 percent of people with health insurance can't afford to have the cancer therapy they need to save their lives."

- John Seffrin of the American Cancer Society.

Many people with cancer can live longer lives. If diagnosed early, there are lots of treatment for cancer that have saved many lives. Unfortunately, in today’s economy with the lack of finances or health care coverage people find out too late.

The Cancer Patient Relief Foundation was created to stop unnecessary death of cancer patients due to lack of finances. We believe everyone should be treated with cancer. Our main goal is to get more people to screen early and stop the cancer with early treatments.

More people would get screened and see a specialist if they knew finances were not going to be an objection. A new study shows more than two million cancer patients in the U.S. are forced to put off medical treatment every year because they cannot afford it. So please help The Cancer Patient Relief Foundation pay for the medical expenses of cancer patients that cannot afford to. You may just be saving someone’s life.

"Working Together For a Healthier Tomorrow, Today."

Hello my name is Matt McLane,

All of the pictures on this site are of me and my family. As I am sure you can imagine, cancer has changed my life. As I continue to fight the fight, I am committed to helping others that are affected by this horrible disease. It could be by education, financially, or just sitting with somebody as they go through chemotherapy for the first time. Without my brother and the other individuals, who have graciously donated their time to put this site together, along with the corporate support of SafeDataTrust.com, we would not be able to touch the lives that we do. I want to thank you for considering to support our cause.